Antique floor tiles

Explore our exclusive collection of antique tomettes, where each tile tells a unique story and carries the timeless charm of centuries past. We've carefully selected them to find the perfect piece for your project, whether you're restoring a historic home, creating a rustic ambience or adding a touch of elegance to your interior.

Antique floor tiles: quality antique materials

A multitude of antique tomette shapes

Tomettes, these iconic terracotta tiles, come in a variety of shapes to suit all architectural and decorative styles. Whether you're looking for the geometric elegance of hexagons, the classic simplicity of squares or the versatility of rectangles, our collection of tomettes will meet all your aesthetic requirements.

Antique salvaged materials

In the world of architecture and design, tomette is distinguished by its authenticity and timeless charm. These terracotta tiles, steeped in history and character, often come from old buildings, traditional farmhouses or even centuries-old monasteries, testifying to their long history and heritage value.

Recovering old floor tiles offers a multitude of advantages, both aesthetic and environmental. By reusing these precious materials, we not only preserve a piece of architectural history, but also reduce our carbon footprint by avoiding the production of new materials. Each antique tomette tells a unique story, bearing the marks of time and past generations, giving each project incomparable depth and authenticity.

In addition to their historical and environmental value, antique tomettes add a touch of rustic elegance to any space. Their natural patina, subtle nuances and deliberate irregularities bring a warm, welcoming aesthetic to any interior. Whether for a kitchen floor, a living room or an outdoor terrace, antique tomettes create a unique ambience, evoking the charm of a bygone era while blending perfectly with contemporary designs.

Explore our collection of antique tomettes and be inspired by the history, beauty and timeless elegance of these unique pieces. Whether you're passionate about traditional architecture or looking for a distinctive element for your interior, choosing antique tomette will bring your most ambitious projects to life.

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