traditional fir frame
Timber frame

Known for the richness of its architecture, France's heritage is brimming with marvels of unique charm that, despite the passage of centuries, are still wonderfully at home in our homes. Whether for architectural, structural or aesthetic purposes, the beams and old joists salvaged from historic structures offer unrivalled appeal. That's why we recover and give a second life to these exceptional materials. Our team specializes in the manufacture of wooden frameworks, pool houses, pergolas, wooden carports, trusses and swimming pool shelters. Each project is tailor-made to suit individual requirements and architectural constraints.

Whether they are made of fir, spruce or oak, the wooden frameworks, pool houses, pergolas, carports, trusses, swimming pool shelters will bring a rustic, authentic charm to your architecture. But which wood to choose? For which structure?

Provence Ancient Materials will support you in making this decision by putting its expertise at your disposal.  Provence Matériaux Anciens is a manufacturer of traditional wooden framework from all over France. We also install wooden frameworks, pool houses, pergolas, carports, trusses and swimming pool shelters.


Traditional timber framing: a timeless structure

Crafted with care and expertise, our timber frames capture the essence of time-honored craftsmanship, offering strength, elegance and durability.

Wood: the choice of exceptional materials

In our collection, you'll find a selection of noble woods, including oak, old oak, antique fir and spruce. Each of these materials has unique characteristics, but all share an unrivalled quality and natural beauty that will stand the test of time.

  • Visit oak is the embodiment of strength and resilience, perfect for structures that require unfailing solidity.
  • Visit old oakrich in history and character, adds an extra dimension of prestige and authenticity to every project.
  • Visit antique firwith its distinctive grain and lightness, is ideal for more delicate structures requiring flexibility.
  • L'spruceknown for its lightness and ease of handling, is ideally suited to projects requiring lighter construction while maintaining quality and durability.

Structures to suit every need

Whether you're planning to build a pool house to make the most of hot summer days, a pergola to create a shady, welcoming corner, or a carport to shelter your vehicle from the elements, our range of traditional timber framing offers a solution to suit every need.

Bring your projects to life with Traditional Timber Framing

Our range of traditional timber frames offers an elegant, robust and timeless solution for all your needs. We'll help you realize your projects, and turn your vision into reality with our expertise and passion for wood.