Herringbone terracotta

Ref : Herringbone terracotta (Nîmes Car020)

  • Materials Terracotta
  • Dimensions size : 33cm x 2.5cm
  • Thickness Size : 5 cm
  • Availability : Constant


Here are our herringbone terracotta tiles for your terrace. They originate from the Gard region of France. Back in the day, they were used as battens and the tiles were built on top.

These terracottas can be installed both inside and outside your projects. Old-fashioned terra cotta rafters vary in color from batch to batch.

For an older approach, discover our old sawed-off leaves.

Discover our Herringbone terracottaa floor covering that will enhance the comfort and charm of your living environment!

Natural 100% coating

For your construction or renovation projects, you'll do well to opt for this environmentally-friendly cladding. It's nature-friendly, because it's made from ancient terracotta. It emits no organic compounds or allergenic substances. This is a very important factor when you consider the damage that has been done to the environment in recent years. 

Choose an elegant and charming cladding design

Give your home a unique look with our herringbone terracotta. These terracotta tiles come in shades that vary from batch to batch. They lend a special charm and elegance to any room in which they are laid.  Visit Herringbone terracotta de Provence Matériaux Anciens can be used as an interior or exterior floor covering.

A natural thermal insulator

With our Herringbone terracottaYou'll be able to optimize your home's heating system. These floor tiles are made from ancient terracotta, heated to very high temperatures. This means greater energy conservation for your home's heating system. You can imagine how life-saving this can be, especially in winter when temperatures are quite low. As a result, this natural insulator will help you save on heating bills. 

Solid tomettes

Manufactured with a thickness of 5 cm, our Herringbone terracotta is particularly sturdy. It can withstand shocks and wear. You'll be able to use it for decades, even centuries. Order our Herringbone terracotta, the best choice of cladding for your construction and renovation projects.