Antique slab from Burgundy

Ref: Antique Burgundy flagstone for interiors (Dalb04)

Antique Burgundy slab for interiors. This antique reclaimed paving is selected for its incomparable patina. Antique Burgundy flagstones originated in town and country houses, and today bring an authentic style to your buildings. The very nature of old paving allows for variations in texture and color from batch to batch. All our experience is needed to find the most interesting lots of old Burgundy flagstones. We can cut old Burgundy stone to a thickness of 3 cm for easier installation and to ensure compatibility with underfloor heating. Old Burgundy paving is traditionally laid in opus.

DIMENSIONS: variable (opus incertum)

THICKNESS: variable or sawn to 3 cm

Looking for an original, durable floor covering? Then you need to take a look at our Dalle ancienne de Bourgogne. 

Antique Burgundy flagstone: a coating with natural charm!

Our Dalle ancienne de Bourgogne is made from ancient terracotta. This type of cladding has stood the test of time, and continues to seduce today. Their charm comes first and foremost from their natural appearance. Dalle ancienne de Bourgogne offers a variety of colors and textures for a harmonious floor covering.  This terracotta floor covering can be used for both indoor and outdoor spaces. In fact, you can use it for the external walkways of your home, for the living room, kitchen, bathroom and many others. You can combine our Antique Burgundy Slab with both modern and vintage decor. It's easy to mix and match for an even more original look.

Antique Burgundy slabs: safety, durability and solidity guaranteed! 

If you live with children or the elderly, this would be another reason to choose these terracotta tiles for your home. These are non-slip tiles, which will protect the home's inhabitants from repeated falls. What's more, these tiles are strong enough to withstand violent impacts. Well-maintained, you won't have to change them even after fifty years.  These 3 mm thick tiles are particularly suitable for underfloor heating. Made from terracotta, they are able to retain temperature. So they'll cool you down in hot weather and warm you up in cold.  Last but not least, these tiles are eco-friendly. They're environmentally friendly, thanks to the naturalness of the base material - earth.    Don't wait any longer, order our Antique Burgundy Slab to give your home that special touch of elegance!