Antique Burgundy slabs

Ref: Antique Burgundy slabs (Dalb02)

  • DIMENSIONS: variable (opus incertum)
  • THICKNESS: variable or sawn to 3 cm.

Old Burgundy flagstones available according to arrivals. Batch of old Burgundy slabs for outdoor use. The surface of selected lots of old Burgundy flagstones may be in different shades of color depending on availability. Opus laying is traditional for old Burgundy flagstones. Old Burgundy stone brings a unique elegance to your exteriors.

Discover our Antique Burgundy Slabs, an atypical floor covering for country and urban homes! 

Choose terracotta slabs for an original and attractive outdoor look 

We'd all like to live in pleasant surroundings. That's why it's important to make the right design choices. Our antique Burgundy tiles are mainly used for outdoor decoration. They are particularly aesthetic tiles that can be laid on patios, verandas and so on. These tiles, made from terracotta, have a natural color that sets them apart from all other types of tile. Even outside your home, your visitors will be impressed by the warm welcome offered by the soft color of our tiles.

Choose solid, durable cladding

No one wants to see their tiles damaged after just a few years. In that case, it would be a wasted investment. To avoid having to change your tiles in a short space of time, you can confidently choose our antique Burgundy tiles. These terracotta tiles are capable of lasting several decades while retaining their beauty. They're shock-resistant and hard to crack. It's also worth noting that this covering is perfectly weather-resistant. Year after year, the cladding will stay in place, to your complete satisfaction. It's also ideal for homes frequented by children and the elderly. It's slip-resistant and reduces the risk of falls, even during cleaning. And speaking of cleaning, maintenance of these tiles requires just a few routine gestures to be impeccable. You can simply use a broom. Ideally, you should do this on a regular basis, to prevent dirt encrustation as much as possible. However, in the event of incrustation, natural products such as baking soda, white vinegar or lemon juice will be effective for cleaning.  Choose our Antique Burgundy Slabs for original decorating with durable floor coverings.