Old Burgundy flagstones

Ref: Old Burgundy flagstones outdoors (Dalb01)

  • DIMENSIONS : variable (opus incertum)
  • THICKNESS : variable or sawn to 3 cm

Old Burgundy flagstones for outdoor installation. Old Burgundy flagstones were traditionally laid in opus. These old slabs come from all over the Burgundy region, a region of great mineral wealth. Old Burgundy flagstones date back to the 18th and 19th centuries. As the number of Burgundy stone quarries from which these old paving stones originate is large, we find variations in texture and color from one batch to the next. It takes all our experience to find the most interesting lots of antique Burgundy flagstones.

We can cut the slabs to 3 cm thickness for easier installation and compatibility with underfloor heating.

Looking for a long-lasting solution for your home's exterior cladding? Nothing beats our old Burgundy slabs.

Fall for our Vieilles Dalles de Bourgogne, a picturesque covering for outdoor decoration

If you too believe that exterior design is just as important as interior design, then this is for you. Here's an exterior cladding that's first and foremost charming and aesthetically pleasing. These terracotta tiles are easy to match for an original outdoor look. You can use them perfectly in a modern or rustic setting, and the result will be just as convivial. These tiles are made from terracotta, a material that gives them a beautiful natural color and makes them authentic. 

A hard-wearing, long-lasting coating that helps protect the environment!

Clearly, environmental protection is a central concern in the 21st century. That's why natural products should be given top priority. As earth is not harmful to the environment, this type of flooring deserves our full attention. Opting for old-fashioned paving as a floor covering means helping to protect our beautiful planet.  Our Vieilles Dalles de Bourgogne are also very strong and shock-resistant. During the manufacturing process, they are heated to high temperatures, making them very strong.  Since we're talking about outdoor décor, it's worth noting that these earthen tiles are perfectly weather-resistant. They'll retain their natural shine for many years to come. Just make sure you take good care of them by repeating a few small gestures. Sweep the tiles regularly, and in the event of heavy encrustation of dirt, use natural products such as bicarbonate of soda or white vinegar. They'll be as good as new! Order our Vieilles Dalles de Bourgogne at the right price and have them delivered as soon as possible!