Bar de Beaucaire" antique outdoor paving

Ref: Bar de beaucaire" antique outdoor paving (DAL01)

  • Length : 55 - 60 cm
  • Width size : 46 - 50 cm
  • Thickness : 3 cm
  • Availability : Random, don't hesitate to contact us contact if you wish to know the availability of the product

Beaucaire bars" antique outdoor paving. This very rare paving will enhance your terraces, walkways or pool surrounds. It's old limestone paving of excellent quality, enhanced by the patina of the years. These old bars bring an incomparable authenticity to your projects. This old limestone paving is laid in loose strips. For antique opus paving, discover our antique Burgundy tiles.

Are you attracted by 18th and 19th century architecture? You'll be amazed by our "Bar de Beaucaire" antique outdoor paving.

Choose our "Bar de Beaucaire" antique outdoor paving to embellish your home!

Nowadays, many French people prefer old-fashioned paving to cover their homes. This type of flooring is more or less old-fashioned, but is still very much in vogue, thanks in particular to its aesthetic appeal.  If you want to dress up your home and make it more lively and pleasant, antique paving is a good alternative. You can also use them to give your home a rustic design. They're perfectly suited as exterior coverings. In fact, you can use our antique paving to embellish your patio, your pool deck, your home's external walkways, your outdoor courtyard and much more.

An ideal coating for the eco-conscious

Would you like to see our planet survive in the face of the many assaults it faces? Then you can contribute by choosing this natural 100% product, which poses no risk to the environment. Bar de Beaucaire" antique outdoor paving is a solid, durable covering that stands the test of time. Even after decades, your home will retain all its charm and splendor.  It's also worth noting that these old paving stones are slip-resistant. As a result, the risk of falls is virtually nil, for adults, children and even the elderly.  Maintenance of this old paving is easy enough. A broom is all you need to remove the dirt. However, we recommend regular sweeping to prevent dirt from becoming embedded. Add a touch of class to your home with our Bar de Beaucaire" antique outdoor paving.