Old Bar Blond paving

Ref: Old Bar Blond paving (DAL04)

  • Length : 60 - 65 cm
  • Width 45 - 48 cm
  • Thickness 3 cm (compatible with underfloor heating)
  • Availability : Random, don't hesitate to contact us contact if you wish to know the availability of the product

Dallage en pierres anciennes comes exclusively from the Gard department. These reclaimed stones were extracted in the 18th and 19th centuries from various quarries, the most famous of which is Beaucaire. Old stone bars served as the only separation between floors in traditional houses. Also known as antique blond bars, they were laid on wooden rafters as ceilings. This ancient paving is a symbol of the traditional architecture of the Gard department.

Discover our Bar Blond antique paving, a 19th-century floor covering that continues to seduce many people!

Bring charm and beauty into your home with our Bar Blond antique paving.

Combining business with pleasure is exactly what you'll do when you choose our Dallage Antique Bar Blond. In fact, in addition to its useful value as a floor covering, these tiles also have an embellishing vocation.  Bar Blond Antique Paving is made from antique terracotta, ideal for giving your home a charming, rustic look. You can use it for both interior and exterior decoration. In fact, depending on your plans, you can also use this paving as a wall covering. Properly installed and maintained, our Antique Bar Blond paving will bring elegance and charm to any room in your home.

Tiles to last an eternity

Terracotta, the main material used in the manufacture of our Bar Blond antique paving, is quite special. The clay is heated to a very high temperature during the manufacturing process. This makes it strong and shock-resistant. These properties ensure the strength and durability of our old paving.  As a result, the various knocks and bumps our old paving may encounter will have very little chance of damaging it. Year after year, generation after generation, your home will retain its charm thanks to this durable covering. Our Bar Blond antique paving is 3 cm thick. It is perfectly compatible with underfloor heating. They are also environmentally-friendly terracotta tiles. Even after a century, these tiles are not harmful to nature. Now's the time to order our Bar Blond antique paving to transform your home into a little paradise!