Antique limestone paving stones

Ref: Antique limestone stable pavers (Pav02)

  • Dimensions : 10 - 18 cm
  • Availability : Random, don't hesitate to contact us contact if you wish to know the availability of the product

Antique limestone stable pavers are available on a first-come, first-served basis. These reclaimed paving stones come from old stables. Old paving stones have a patina shaped by time. Old limestone paving stones bring a unique authenticity to your exteriors. Reclaimed limestone paving stones can withstand heavy vehicle traffic.


Create a unique, rustic outdoor space with our antique limestone pavers.

Antique cobblestones add natural charm to your exteriors

Our antique pavers are made from limestone. They're easy to assemble and will add a warm touch to your exteriors. You can use them for your home's front or back yard. These antique pavers are also ideal for outdoor garages and gardens. They're also real nuggets when it comes to landscaping. They can be combined with other materials for a unique and stylish decoration. Indeed, these antique pavers can be combined with modern, vintage, traditional and many other types of exterior decoration.

Choose wear-resistant, eco-friendly pavers

Our antique limestone pavers are made from the natural material limestone. This material is renowned for its weather resistance and durability. As a result, our limestone pavers are highly resistant to wear and tear. In fact, they are so strong that they can withstand light vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Choosing antique limestone paving stones also means doing something for the environment. Our antique paving stones in particular were salvaged from former stables. So we didn't need to use any new natural resources to make them, which is good for the preservation of the ecosystem. Another positive feature of our antique stone pavers is that they are very easy to maintain. They can be cleaned with water and mild cleaning products. What's more, if a particular paver wears out, it can be replaced individually without having to redo the entire surface. Increase the aesthetic and financial value of your home with our antique limestone pavers, made from high-quality materials.