Recycled street pavers

Ref: Recycled street pavers (Pav03)

Reclaimed street pavers available on a first-come, first-served basis. Our old reclaimed cobblestones add a touch of authenticity to your exteriors. Antique pavers bring back the charm of old pedestrian streets. Antique street pavers are ready-to-install.

Dimension size : 15 x 15 cm

Thickness : 12 - 15 cm

Availability : Random, don't hesitate to contact us contact if you wish to know the availability of the product

Our recycled street pavers are old paving stones that have been recycled and remodeled with maximum aesthetic care. These pavers will add a special charm to your outdoor spaces.

Discover our recycled street pavers, old-fashioned paving stones for unusual outdoor decoration.

Whether you need them to create a cosy atmosphere around the pool, to create a substantial parterre or to structure a garden, you won't be disappointed. These antique pavers are a great option for creating a unique and charming landscape.  You can use them for garden paths, driveways, patios, walkways, terraces and even sidewalks. They can be combined with any architectural style. As a result, they are equally suitable for those wishing to create a rustic or modern outdoor space.

Antique pavers to create natural, eco-friendly outdoor spaces 100%

Our recycled street pavers are made in France. They are environmentally friendly in both their manufacturing and recycling processes. We have chosen to recycle them to help preserve natural resources and reduce waste.  What's more, they're extremely robust and durable, making them ideal for flooring outdoor spaces. What's more, they can be a solution to flooding problems in gardens. Indeed, these pavers are recommended for draining water to rid driveways of stagnant water. Our recycled street pavers are non-slip. So you can use them for walkways around your home. They are also highly appreciated for their strength and resistance to weather conditions. Choosing our recycled street pavers means opting for materials that have already proved their worth over the long term. Choose our recycled street pavers to recapture the charm of old pedestrian streets and add a touch of authenticity to your outdoor spaces.