Antique fir beams

Ref: Antique fir beams (POU002)

<p><p><p&gt;<p&gt;<p&gt;<p&gt;Noue have a vast selection of old, salvaged fir beams. These old fir beams have all kinds of patinas, because they've been through a lot of life and are therefore more authentic. Nevertheless, we can clean our old fir beams to make them more identical. Our carpenters can also build your custom-made wooden frames from our old fir beams.<p>Discover our <a href="/en/ » »/">fir-wood frames.

DIMENSIONS: variable

The natural beauty of old fir beams

Antique beams tell a story, steeped in centuries past. Made from noble fir wood, each beam shows the marks of time: natural knots, delicate cracks, and an aged patina that lends a natural, authentic beauty. Every imperfection adds a touch of character and charm to your frame.

The strength of old wooden beams

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, wooden beams offer unrivalled strength and durability. The wood used in their manufacture has stood the test of time, acquiring a density and strength that stand the test of time. These beams can support heavy loadsto ensure the stability and safety of your structure.

Recovering old materials: an ecological gesture

Recovering old materials is an ecological approach that's close to our hearts. Whether it's for old beams, new beams antique floor tilesthe old tileswe want to preserve these unique pieces quality. Every old beam reused contributes to preserving our cultural heritage and reducing our environmental footprint.

Create your own wooden framework with our fir beams

Whether you're planning to build a house, a barn, a cottage or any other type of structure, using antique beams in your framework adds a unique dimension and timeless charm to your project. Entrust your project to our skilled carpenters, who will bring your dreams to life using wood in all its splendor and authenticity. Contact us to discuss your project!